Why the Heart of the World?


On Valentines day, in almost every corner of the world, love is celebrated. Actually we should have this attitude every day of the year. Especially during these times, where fear rules the world, it’s important that we trustfully listen to our heart. With all the noise and distractions nowadays this is very difficult, therefore this message.


Our World has a heart too! Where exactly? Sheltered in the midst of mighty mountains, full of unique, huge crystals, and marked by geographical, geological, historical and cultural connections. The meteorological divide and the watershed of Europe, with sources of four great rivers, flowing to all four quarters of the compass. The Gotthard Region stretches from Lucerne to Lugano and

from Chur to Brig, the centre of Switzerland, the middle of  Europe and the heart of the world.



In the early days the Gotthard was seen as the highest mountain of Europe before the measuring techniques told differently, however it is still seen as the centre of  Europe. For Goethe it even was “the king off the mountains”. For the German poet Wilhelm Heinse it was “the beginning and the end of the world”. With testimonials by such brilliant minds, there should be something genuine and special about this area. The myths surrounding the Gotthard are not concrete, with the mind not to grasp, but with the heart to feel.


“It is love, which keeps the world together”, so said Goethe once. We should listen to him.


In order to listen to the silence of the heart, an association has been founded. “Gotthard-Connects” unites the Gotthard Region independently of political and touristic structures. The association creates sustainable projects, in order that the region can be recognized as a unity. The heart of the world deserves our attention and a central place in our perception of the world.

After all, we are all citizens of the same world! Gotthard connects in the Heart of the World.




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