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Elisabeth Rüegg

Former Chairman of the Board

Andermatt - Urserntal Tourismus GmbH


"As an overwhelming force, the Gotthard pulls, it has always captivated people and fascinates with its very own uniqueness. The San Gottardo region with its historical past will show us the way into the future.“


Bobby Arnold

Entrepreneur, Uri


"The Gotthard offers me mobility and at the same time calmness. These contradictions I find fascinating as an entrepreneur.With the Gotthard I associate the feeling of vacation because it brings me to the South within a heartbeatof time."


Stefan Schulthess

Director Lake Lucerne


"The water, the mountains , the Gotthard as a moated castle and the Reuss river, which flows via Lake Lucerne to the Rhine - and in the middle, the ships of SGV, where more than 2 million guests gain an impression of the unique landscape in the heart of Switzerland every year."


Killian T. Elsasser

Transport Historian and Gotthard specialist,



"The Gotthard is a unique traffic landscape. The Gotthard Tunnel Trail builds on this uniqueness and will make the Gotthard Base Tunnel, in an unusual way, into an experience."


Francesco Walter

Intendant Music Festival Ernen, Wallis


"As a passageway between the North and the South , I have learned to know and appreciate the San Gottardo in all its facets. Historically, it fascinates me again and again and as a recreation area it is essential for me."


Dr. Alfred Markwalder

Former President of the Board of Trustees, Sasso San Gottardo


"On the Gotthard Pass, in the formerly secret military fortress, you can marvel at world's largest crystals ever found. It is worth a visit – The Gotthard Pass is alive!"