Marja Nieuwveld, Association President


Why would a Dutch woman like to promote the Heart of the World, you may ask yourself?


Just three weeks old I came to Andermatt on holiday for the first time.  As an impatient teenager, already in love with Andermatt and the Gotthard with eighteen even married with a man from there.


Since then my life and my entrepreneurial existence has brought me many precious experiences. Although my work had me primarily around Rotterdam, my heart lay 1’000 km further upstream, near the source of the Rhine.


In 2011 I could no longer resist the attraction of the Gotthard and so I simplified my life and moved to Andermatt. For almost four years I worked for the  tourist organisations that surround the Gotthard and was able to promote the famous four-sources-trail.


The Gotthard is my life, here is where my roots are and where I belong! The Gotthard is for me the heart of the world and connects on all levels.


Thanks to the support of Vice President Raini Sicher and other passionate people I have received the chance to put my Know-How and creativity into action for the Gotthard Region and follow my mission.



Marja Nieuwveld

A passionate Ambassador

My life to date:


–  Andermatt / CH:  Product Manager San Gottardo

–  Benelux:   Company Consultant

–  Rotterdam / NL:  Producer of a musical, Yoga teacher and author

–  Gotthard Pass / CH:  Room maid at the Gotthard Hospice

–  Gent/BE:   Chief of Press & Spokeswomen

–  Rotterdam / NL:  CEO Technical Sales Company & Marketing Consultant

–  Zug / CH: Crude Oil Trading Assistant

–  Rotterdam / NL:  Tour guide & TV Promotion Team